Event Title
Dean Election : Science and Education
Event Type
Faculty of Science and Education - Nagongera Campus
Description of event

The term of office for the Dean, Faculty of Science and Education will be expiring in December this year. There is therefore need to prepare for election of the new Dean of Faculty. 

Sections 53(1) and 54(1) of the Act provide for the election of a Dean of Faculty and Head of Department respectively. Section 51(1) defines academic staff of the University as Professors, Associate Professors, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers and Assistant Lecturers appointed on full time basis for teaching and research. Teaching Assistants appointed on a full time basis for teaching and research are also categorized as academic staff. Therefore, only academic staff on full time basis are eligible for voting.


Please note the following minimum requirements for election to the post of Dean: 

(a) He/She should be at least at the rank of Senior Lecturer in the Faculty/Department (b) He/She should be on a full time employment in the University service. 

(c) He/She should not be convicted in any court of law. 

(d) He/She should not be a registered student for an academic programme for more than a year. 

I am therefore calling for election of a Dean of the Faculty as per Section 53 (1) of the Act. 

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