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The University and other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001, as amended, requires each Public University to have a University Secretary, who is appointed by the University Council on the recommendation of the Appointments Board of that University and on terms and conditions determined by the University Council. As such, Mr. Matsiko Abert Mutungwire is the current Busitema University University Secretary. Mr. Matsiko's areas of expertise are; staff recruitment and selection, administration of entitlements/benefits, and providing policy advice and guidance to both staff and management. He supports workforce planning, budgeting, staff training and development, performance and management, employee relationships, administration of justice, human resources information systems, planning, organizing, and providing oversight responsibility to timely delivery outputs with clear performance indicators linked to the strategic direction of Busitema University. The major mandate of this office is the  general administration of the University, including the custody of the seal and administration of its assets. Besides, the University Secretary serves as the Secretary to the University Council as well as an Accounting Officer of the University. The University Secretary is responsible to the Vice Chancellor

Mr. Abert Mutungwire Matsiko
University Secretary

Duties & Responsibilities

The University carries out the following duties and responsibilities;

  • Serves as the Secretary to the University Council and its Committees, providing guidance to the Vice Chancellor and the Management team to facilitate Council in decision making and governance.
  • Serves as the Accounting Officer of the University.
  • Directs the management, inventory and safe custody of all assets of the University including the Seal and records.
  • Directs the proper utilisation and accounting for the fiscal resources and other assets of the University as a designated Accounting Officer and reports to the Vice Chancellor and the University Council.
  • Directs the preparation of the University annual budget and work plans.
  • Manages and administers the human, fiscal and physical resources of the University in accordance with the existing laws, policies, regulations, guidelines, approved annual work plans and budgets.
  • Communicates, interprets, guides and provides technical support in the implementation of Council policies and resolutions.
  • Enforces accountability and transparency in the management and delivery of University administrative and financial services in line with existing laws, policies, regulations, guidelines and Council resolutions.
  • Direct the procurement of University works, goods and services and disposal of assets in accordance with the appropriate laws, policies, regulations and guidelines.
  • Promotes linkages between Schools, Institutes, Centers or other Academic bodies, Management, Council, Line Ministries, and other stakeholders for effective implementation of University programmes, operations, and policies and enhancing collaborative networks.
  • Manages, counsels, and assesses the performance of staff in the Office of the University Secretary.
  • Coordinates the provision of legal services and representation of the University in cases of civil litigation.
  • Answers audit queries that may arise from the appropriate authorities and reports to Council the outcomes thereof 
  • Directs administration of security at the University.
  • Sets performance targets, supervises and appraises staff of the Office of the University Secretary.

Staff Members


Mr. Abert Mutungwire Matsiko

University Secretary

Masters in Human Resource Management, Makerere University
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Ms. Racheal Nambafu Wandeka

Deputy University Secretary

M.A , in Social Sector Planning and Management, Makerere University
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Ms. Maureen Walubaya

Personal Secretary

B.A, Secretarial Information and Office Management
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Ms. Adekere Topista

Office Assistant

Certificate in Records Management
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