Office of the Academic Registrar


The Office of the Academic Registrar derives its mandate from the University and other Tertiary institutions’ Act 2001 as amended. It is  headed by the Academic Registrar who is  responsible to the Vice Chancellor. The Academic Registrar assists the First Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of academics affairs to administer and organize all academic matters including admission, Development, Implementation and Review of the Curriculum, undergraduate and postgraduate studies, examination management, research and publication.

The Academic Registrar's office is located on the Main Campus (Faculty of Engineering and Technology) and has a number of staff members who maintain the efficient operation and smooth running of all the activities . Ms. Rehema Eton, the Deputy Academic Registrar who currently sits at the faculty of Agriculture and Animal Science in Arapai, assists the Academic Registrar. Given Busitema University's distinctiveness with six campuses, the Academic Registrar is represented by an Assistant Academic Registrar on each Campus. The Academic Registrar's department of Busitema University is divided into two sections: Admissions and Student Records, which is overseen by Mr. Ivan Mugabi, and Teaching, Learning, Examination Management, and Curriculum Development, which is overseen by Mr. Willy Kisaka. 

Dr. Lillian Gimuguni Nabassa
Academic Registrar