Office of the Dean of Students


The University and other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001, as amended, requires each Public University to have a a Dean of Students who is appointed by the University Council on the recommendation of the Appointments Board of that University and on terms and conditions determined by the University Council. As such, Ms. Sophia Alum Acon is the current Dean of Students at Busitema University. She Holds a Masters of Arts Degree in Educational Management and a Bachelor of Arts Degree both from Makerere University. Sophia has a vast exprience in administration having held a number of administrative positions in various departments at Makerere university.

Prior to Joining Busitema in 2016, Sophia was the Dean of Students Uganda Matyrs University for 5 years.The Primary purpose of this office is to oversee the welfare of students. Given Busitema University's distinctiveness with six campuses, each Faculty has a Faculty Dean who carries out the administrative duties of a given faculty on behalf of the University Managemnt. The Dean of students is Responsible to the Vice-Chancellor.

Ms.Sophia Alum Acon
Dean of Students