Joining Instructions for All First Year Students 2024-2025

The office of the Academic Registrar takes the opportunity on behalf of Busitema University to congratulate you upon your admission to Busitema University whose
Vision and Motto are “A Center of Academic and Professional Excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation” and “Pursuing Excellence” respectively. Busitema University is a Public University established by Statutory Instrument No.22, 2007 enacted by Parliament on10th May, 2007. The University is a multi-campus model within seven campuses in the following locations:

  1. The Main Campus: Located at Busitema, formerly the National College of Agricultural Mechanization, along Jinja-Tororo highway and hosts the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.
  2. Nagongera Campus: Located along Tororo-Busolwe access road that hosts the Faculty of Science and Education.
  3. Namasagali Campus: Based in Kamuli District at the former Namasagali University for the faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Science
  4. Arapai Campus: Based at the former Arapai National Agricultural College (in Soroti District) on Moroto road where the faculty of Agriculture and Animal Science is.
  5. Pallisa Campus: Based in Pallisa Town Council for the Faculty of Management Science.
  6. Kaliro Campus(not yet operational):Located at Kaliro National Teachers’ College, Kaliro town.
  7. Mbale Campus: Based at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital in Mbale City hosting the Faculty of Health Sciences.


The admission process was done according to each applicant’s performance and the choices indicated in the application form. It should be noted that the admission is provisional pending full registration of each student. Read the admission letter carefully including the location of the campus where you are supposed to take your studies from.


Registration is the first process a student is expected to undertake as soon as he/she arrives at the campus. The registration process has the following component that must be followed by every student.

  1. Enrolment: Every student is expected to enroll with the office of the Academic Registrar at the respective campuses by presenting the original documents of the previous levels of study as evidence of your qualifications.
  2. Each student will be enroll on the students’ portal within the first 4 weeks of every semester, failure to do so, a late enrollment fee of Ugx. 50,000 will be charged.
  3. Registration deadlines for Government sponsored students: All government sponsored students must register within the first two weeks from the official date of physical reporting, starting from 15th August 2023.Those who fail shall be subjected to a late registration fee of Ugx 50,000 up to the fourth week from the official date of reporting and there after the places will be given to other deserving candidates.
  4. Enrollment of Privately Sponsored students will last for 4 weeks from 15th August 2023 to 4 th September, 2023 being the enrollment deadline. After this date a late enrollment fee of Ugx.50,000 shall be charged
  5. Registration deadlines for privately sponsored students: All private students should register within 8 weeks from 15th August 2023 to 11th October 2023 and thereafter they will be charged a late registration fee of Ugx. 25,000 up to the 12th week (11 thOctober 2023 to 11thNovember 2023) which is the 2nd registration deadline. There after they shall be subjected to a late registration fee of Ugx 50,000.
  6. The names in which a student shall be registered will be those which appear on the student’s Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or equivalent document offered as an entry qualification. Only female students who get married legally may be allowed to add the names of their spouses on presentation of valid marriage certificate.

Fees payment

Every student shall be expected to pay all university dues before registration as indicated in the attachment. Please note: All students (both government and private sponsored) are required to pay Shs.20,000 excluding bank charges to National Council for Higher Education at the beginning of each academic year: Evidence of Payment shall be required at any one time on programme.

Admissions ceremony

There shall be an admissions ceremony that shall be conducted by the Vice Chancellor in which all students shall be formally admitted to the University. The program for this ceremony shall be availed to all students at their respective campuses after reporting.


Orientation shall take one week at respective faculties starting on 14thAugust 2023 ending on 18th August 2023. New students should report to office of the Academic Registrar in their faculties to access the orientation programme. Top University officials shall orient students on major university functions at each faculty between the 18th and 22nd of September 2023.

All students are required to access the University Hand book at read and take time to understand it. Faculty Registrar shall be available to help each student comprehend the content there in whenever they need help.




Change of programme:

A students who wishes to change programme /subjects need to first of all register according to the registration time-table for the programmes and subjects to which they have originally been admitted. Such a student shall fill an application form (downloaded from the website: and pay an application fee of 20,000/= using the payment portal.

Study requirements:

Lectures will begin on 21st August 2023 (note that for DEP & BEP students lectures will begin on 28th August, 2023)

  1. All students are required to attend all prescribed classes (including lectures, practical classes, demonstrations, seminars and tutorials). A student who misses more than 20% of the class sessions may be excluded from examinations.
  2. A student who reports to class after 15 minutes from the time a class session is supposed to start shall not be allowed to attend.

Orientation Programme

Admitted candidates should report to their respective faculties for detailed information about the orientation programme. The following shall be areas of focus; acquaintance with registration and Enrolment processes, Departments and programmes details, Accommodation, other welfare issues, ICT Access processes to University services.


Open Fees Structure