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Faculty Dean Elections
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The terms of the Deans in the Faculty of Agriculture & Animal Science, Faculty of Science and Education, and Deputy Dean and Dean in the Faculty of Health Science will soon expire.

According to Sections 53(1) and 54(1) of the Act, the election of a Dean of Faculty and Head of Department is outlined. Section 51(1) defines academic staff as Professors, Associate Professors, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, and full-time Teaching Assistants engaged in teaching and research. The Busitema University Human Resource Manual, Section 3.3.2(c), provides the framework for electing Deans, Deputy Deans, and Heads of Departments, with eligibility limited to full-time academic staff.

Minimum requirements for Dean election: (a) Full-time academic status, at least Senior Lecturer or higher. (b) Demonstrated performance and integrity, confirmed by Management. (c) Not less than four (4) years until retirement or contract expiry by nomination closure. (d) No convictions in any court of law. (e) Not registered as a student in an academic program for over a year.

The Office of the Academic Registrar hereby announces the election of a Dean of the Faculty in accordance with Section 53(1) of the Act. 

The following programme shall be followed, Read More


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