Event Title
2023 IEEE Young Professionals Outreach and Membership Drive
Event Type
Faculty of Science and Education - Nagongera
Description of event

This Outreach is intended to spread an awareness about IEEE and its benefits to students who are in rural Universities of Uganda. In most cases they are less involved or not involved at all in IEEE activities in Uganda and about 0.1% are IEEE members. So we are looking forward to increase membership and form IEEE student branches, IEEE YP and IEEE Women in Engineering as well as Societies.

What is IEEE?

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) describes itself as "the world's largest technical professional society promoting the development and application of electro technology and allied sciences for the benefit of humanity, the advancement of the profession, and the well-being of our members.

The IEEE fosters the development of standards that often become national and international standards. The organization publishes a number of journals, has many local chapters, and several large societies in special areas, such as the IEEE Computer Society. IEEE is the trusted voice for engineering, computing, and technology information around the globe.

IEEE Mission Statement:

IEEE's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.


Vision Statement:

IEEE will be essential to the global technical community and to technical professionals everywhere, and be universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.


IEEE can be reached on https://www.ieee.org


IEEE members are a community of more than 400,000 technology and engineering professionals united by a common desire to continuously learn, interact, collaborate, and innovate. IEEE membership offers access to technical innovation, cutting-edge information, networking opportunities, and exclusive member benefits. Members support IEEE's mission to advance technology for humanity and the profession, while memberships build a platform to introduce careers in technology to students around the world.

IEEE Uganda Section (Chapter)

Is a National IEEE Chapter formed to serve IEEE members by holding meetings at the local level, and provide opportunities to network, enabling personal and professional growth. Under IEEE Uganda Chapter we have formed Student branches in Universities (kyambogo, Makerere, Mbarara, Isbat, Nkumba) and many others but all of them are within central region. So this event is organized to encourage Universities in up-country to join IEEE by forming Student Chapters and technical Societies so as to benefit from IEEE membership.

So IEEE Young Processional and IEEE Women in Engineering are affinity Groups under IEEE Uganda Chapter playing specific roles will get to know sooner