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Profile for Dr. Wilson Babu Musinguzi (PhD)

Dr. Wilson Babu Musinguzi has more than twelve years of relevant experience in   science and engineering academic arena including but not limited to lecturing, strategic curriculum development/review leadership in critical areas addressing Sustainable Development Goals, research, capacity building projects, community impact projects, and partnerships at both local and global scale. He has an excellent record of resource mobilization for education, research, capacity building, and community projects.

He is the current Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Busitema University, Uganda; a public (government) institution established by an Act of Parliament of Uganda in 2007 to foster training, research and outreach in critical areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Innovations (STEI). In this executive position since 2015, he has excelled on the fronts of teaching and learning, research, community outreach, innovations, and management/leadership aspects. his excellence has been applauded in this role namely academic guidance to staff and students, capacity building of staff, research output, managing the resources including finances, leadership, and initiating linkages.

Since 2007, I have provided curriculum development/review leadership of more than fifteen science and engineering diploma and degree programs. Due to his curriculum leadership profile, he was awarded a contract as a consultant for the EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI PDF) (Support the Enhancement and Internationalisation of the Renewable Energy Master Programme at University of Zimbabwe) – October 2015 to March 2016.


He is the founding member, project coordinator and the pioneer Executive Board Chairman (2017-2019) of Renewable Energy Business Incubator (REBI) Ltd., engaged in fostering Renewable Energy Access to remote and vulnerable settlements – An initiative started in 2011 with support and financing from Nordic Climate Facility, NORAD and Norwegian Embassy in Uganda. Since the Inception of REBI as a project in 2011, he has led the team in developing a Total Quality Management System (TQM) to the level of obtaining an ISO certification in 2019.

He holds a PhD in Renewable Energy Engineering (Majoring in Mechanical Engineering) from Makerere University, Uganda; a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE) from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden; and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Makerere University, Uganda. He has published widely in areas of Mechanical and Energy analysis. Since 2006, he has lectured many courses in engineering at Kyambogo University, Busitema University and Makerere University. He has mentored many students and staff and immensely impacted on communities.

He is current a member of the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) (since 2016) whose mission is to serve as the global network of engineering Deans mobilised to advance engineering education, research, and service to the global community.  The Council focuses on institutional leadership formation, curriculum leadership, corporate and public engagement, and accreditation leadership. He is also currently a member of the University Council representing Senate. Musinguzi CV


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