Health Services Unit

The Health Services Unit of the University ensures provision of quality contextualized healthcare services to the students and staff of the University.

Being a multi campus University, there is a clinic at each of the six campuses of the University that ensures 24/7 accessible healthcare services. The services provided varies in every campus depending on the qualifications of the medical workers in that campus however the students and staff are not redistricted to the services offered by their respective campus clinics and are free to seek desired health services at the nearest government health facility or any campus they can access or are referred to.

The Main campus (Busitema campus) is the referral and administrative point of the University Health Services headed currently by the University Principal Medical Officer/ Assistant Director of Health Services.

Constructions are ongoing to establish a fully flagged medical centre at Busitema campus to provide health services to the University community; this may be operational in the next one year.

There are similar plans to build medical centres at each of the six campuses in the near future.