13th Graduation Ceremony


The 13th Graduation Ceremony of Busitema University is on. There are a number of things that graduands need to do to prepare for graduation. The best place to start is the visit the Busitema University Graduation Website https://graduation.busitema.ac.ug/

The Conferment of the Degrees Ceremony emphasizes the high value of education. It is an academic festivity, during which Undergraduates', Masters', Doctors' and Honorary Doctors' degrees are conferred.

The graduation festivity is not a certification of graduation, but rather a ceremony that celebrates your academic achievements. All degree requirements must be satisfied before graduation and conferral of degrees. You are eligible to participate in the graduation festivity if you have attained all the graduation requirements. Visit the Office of the Academic Registrar at Busitema Campus or Office of the Dean of the respective faculties for assistance.

The information below will guide you through your preparations for the 13th Graduation Ceremony.


Graduation Date, Mode, and Location

The 13th Graduation ceremony is scheduled to take place on the 16th June, 2023 starting at 8:00 am. The event will be physical at Busitema Campus along the Malaba-Tororo Highway, Busia District at the University graduation grounds located at the Gymnasium.


List of Graduands

The provisional list of Graduands will be available on the University Website (www.busitema.ac.ug) from Friday, 26th May, 2023. All the graduands are expected to check the order and accuracy of their names. The names MUST be in the order in which they shall APPEAR in the Final certificates and should be the ones on Previous Certificates and your admission letter. Any corrections/ omissions should be reported to the respective Faculty Registrars not later than 19th May, 2023. The final list will be out by 26th May, 2023.


Graduation, Convocation, Transcript, Certificate and Graduation Gown Fees

The breakdown of the fees is as follows:

Graduation 170,000/-
Convocation 30,000/-
Graduation Gown Select from table below

The approved prices for graduation gowns are as follows:


List of prices of the graduation gowns

1 Masters /PGD 95,000
2 Bachelors 85,000
3 Diploma 75,000
4 Certificate 65,000


The above fees should be paid in two parts. UGX 170,000 with bank charges to the University account using a ZEE PAY reference (Go to https://zeepay.busitema.ac.ug/pay/ to generate payment slip) and UGX 30,000 plus Graduation Gown fees with bank charges paid to the Convocation account. Bank: Centenary Bank, Tororo Branch

Account Name: Busitema University Convocation
Account Number: 3100049057

Graduation gowns will be available at the main campus starting from Wednesday, 31st May, 2023.


Graduation Clearances

Students are advised to clear with all departments and faculties not later than 31st May, 2023. Fees should be paid not later than Friday 09th June, 2023. All the above fees MUST be paid before a student is allowed to graduate

Students shall present proof of clearance and payment of all fees above before being issued an invite, booklet, program, tag, graduation gown, parking sticker and their data captured in the Convocation database.

13th Graduation Procession

Procession Team to Move in Pairs
1 Teaching Assistants Teaching Assistants
2 Lecturers Lecturers
3 Senior Lecturers Senior Lecturers
4 Professors Professors
5 Dean FOET Dean FSE
6 Dean FNRE Dean FMS
7 Dean FAAS Dean FHS
8 Director of Graduate studies Director of Maritime
9 Director Planning Deputy University Secretary
10 Academic Registrar Deputy Academic Registrar
11 University Secretary Dean of Students
12 University Bursar University Librarian
13 Deputy Vice Chancellors (AA) Deputy Vice Chancellors (F&A)
14 Senate Members Senate members
15 Council Members Council MemberS
16 Key Note Speaker Chair Council
17 Vice Chancellor
18 Mess Bearer
19 Chancellor
20 Minister Minister
21 Visitor


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