The department of water resources Engineering started in the academic year 2011/2012 in the faculty of Engineering of Busitema University. The department is currently running only on programme in Bachelor of Science in Water Resources Engineering.  This programme Bachelor of Science degree it is another unique programme with the goal of addressing the challenges facing the water sector in Uganda and the region.

In the start of the academic year, Department admitted 30 first year students all of which are on Government of Uganda Sponsorship. Students on Private sponsorship are yet to be admitted in the coming years.

The Department has kicked of with 6 permanent highly qualified staffs directly under the Department and handling the various course loads in the programme. Recruitment of more lectures and Technicians is expected to occur as the number of students swell and as the needs for special specialties crop up.

The Government of Uganda has constructed water supply systems in most cities, boreholes, shallow wells, protected springs and gravitational flow systems in several upcountry districts. However, most people in Uganda still lack access to clean and safe drinking water. Further more, there is inadequate human resource for the water sector in the region. Therefore there is need to train personnel in integrated water resources management, climate change, environment management and in sustainable agriculture.

Main Objective

The main objective of this programme is to contribute towards the development of the water sector of Uganda and the region through training skilled and innovative human resource.

Specific Objective

The specific objectives of the programme are to produce Water Resources Engineering graduates who are capable of

  • Planning, designing, constructing, managing and maintaining water engineering structures and water-based infrastructure.
  • Understanding the importance of climate change and its effects on water resources.
  •  Solving water related problems using systematic and critical analysis.
  • Understanding and incorporating gender and environmental concerns in their professional practice.
  • Performing high quality research and developing new products and processes in the Water Engineering field.
  • Understanding and appreciating their ethical obligations to their clients and to the community they serve.

Activities to be accomplished in order to achieve Department objective

  • Teaching

This will be conducted as per the comprehensive curriculum developed prior to the start the programme

  • Research

In the mean time The Departments priority Research area be towards; Effect of Climate change on the Water Resources; Floods & Drought risk Management, Integrated water resources Management, Pollution control and Design of Water conveyance & Storage Structures. This is areas where the country is currently grappling with and loosing a lot of money towards.

  • Community Out reach

The Department is in the near by future  planning to conduct short certificate courses geared towards Teaching the communities on Water Catchment Protection, Water Point Management and Protection,  Catchment based water Resources Mgt

  • Income Generation for the University

In order to generate income to the university and for self sustaining, the Department plans to:

  • Introduce Short Certificate Courses in:
  • Certificate in Plumbing and Fittings
  • Certificate in Ground and Surface Water Hydrology
  • Certificate GIS & Remote sensing application in Disaster Risk Management
  • Introduce Hire of Equipments for Hydrographic and geophysical surveys to water resources developer. These equipments will include:
  • Terrameter for ground water investigation
  • Current meter
  • ADCP


Water Resources Engineering

Teaching Staff

Currently the following staffs are directly under WAR Department

  • Muyingo Emmanuel (Bsc Engineering,Msc Agricultural Engineering)
  • Kafford Allan (Bsc Civil Engineering,Msc Civil Engineering)
  • Lwanyaga Joseph(Bsc Agric Engineering,Msc Sustainable Energy Engineering)
  • Mugisha Moses(Bsc Agricultural Mechanisation & Irrigation Engineering)
  • 2Technichians
  • 2Lab Technicians